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    New Trails at the Green Woodlands

    Friday, I received the Facebook Post; The Green Woodlands was opening three new trails on Saturday. It was the perfect news, Saturday was my son’s birthday, and it was going to be a picture-perfect fall day.Bobcat Pass takes you on a ride carved into the hills with a great view of the valley below, Thunder Chicken can be a bumpy ride or not so bumpy ride, and Bambi is a gentle glide back down to the bottom. Headed to the new trails. The view along Town Line Pond Trail Town Line Pond in the distance. Just finished the climb to test out Thunder Chicken. There are still some beautiful wild…

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    Fall Color at the Millstone Trails

    Mountains of waste granite (called grout), dozens of abandoned quarries, unique granite features, and four unbelievable vista views, all connected with over seventy miles of multi-use trails on over 1,500 acres, creates a great outdoor experience We visited the Millstone Trails earlier in the year with our mountain bikes, which was a lot of fun, but hiking is probably the best way to experience the diverse landscape. Many of the trails that take you to vistas atop the rock piles and old abandoned relics are on foot traffic only trails.       My son testing out one of the many mountain bike features (right).,4 The trails are on…