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NCCT’s Performance of Mamma Mia 2021

I was lucky to be asked to take images of the North Country’s Community Theater’s Mamma Mia during their dress rehearsals. The cast and crew did a remarkable job bringing this Broadway hit to the Upper Valley. Transforming over twenty ABBA songs into a fun, mesmerizing experience that any adult will love. I am still humming the songs. There are only four performances left, November 18th – 21st. Click here for tickets. 

Ali (Abigail Anderson), Sophie Sheriden (Allison Whiteside), and Lisa (Emma Hadden)
Rosie (Amye Mason) and Tanya (Amy Fortier)
Donna Sheriden (Margaret Hunton)
mamma mia 2021 drunk scene
Eddie (Stephen Sheppard, Pepper (Aiden Dempsey), and Sky (Andrew Carmichael)
Bill Austin (Corey Armstrong), Sam Carmichael (Dan Naranjo), and Harry Bright (Joe Guarino)
mamma mia 2021 ensemble
Lois Bangiolo, Chelsea Paige, Elizabeth Keith, Abigail Anderson, Retha Van Wyk, Julie Sheppard, and Emma Hadden
Erika Wetzel, Amy Fortier, and Amye Mason
A fabulous job with the creation of the set.

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There are four more performances from November 18th thru the 21st.

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