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Lake Coniston in Black and White

A week after our family spent the day at Camp Coniston, located on Lake Coniston, my wife wanted to experience the hike around the lake, which I enjoyed by myself the previous week.

It was a dreary, wet, foggy day with a hint of rain in the air. To some, this would not be ideal conditions for a hike, but it was perfect for some photography. I chose my photography palette to be black and white for this adventure with an occasional hint of color. It went along with the conditions of the day.

The camp is now closed for the season. They allow hiking around the lake as long as you register on their website. They do not allow hiking when the camp is in session.

Before we made it out of the camp to the trails around the lake, a light rain began to fall. The trees kept us mostly dry as we circumvented the lake. We met no other humans along the way, so there were no interruptions as we enjoyed the foggy views of the lake with the occasional vocals from the three resident Loons.

“A rainy day is the perfect time for a walk in the woods”. –¬†Rachel Carson

The hike around the Lake Coniston is between 3-4 miles and took us a little over two hours to complete. There are many things to check out along the way, including cabins, signs, campsites, islands, and the flume with the site of an old sawmill.

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