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Grafton Pond at Low Tide

It is the second year in a row that Grafton Pond has lowered its water level 8-10 feet for maintenance on the dam. It enables folks with legs to check out what lies beneath the water surface. There is much muck, rocks, driftwood, and the occasional bottle or Budweiser can. Some areas look like a lunar landscape, while others look like a battlefield. It is all very interesting and worth a look.

Grafton Pond 2
My son sitting on the remnants of a large tree near the dam.

We parked at the Grafton Pond dam. It was a brisk day, with the temperature hovering around 28 degrees with a dusting of snow. The ground was partially frozen, which made it easier to walk between the islands.

Grafton Pond 3
A closer look at that old tree.
Grafton Pond 4
Some of the huge pieces of ledge now exposed.
Grafton Pond 5
One of the large erratics, normally underwater.
Grafton Pond 9
From a different angle taken last year around the same time of year.
Grafton Pond 12
A few exposed stone walls. It is a mystery if they were laid before or after the dam was built.

Our second visit was on a warmer day, and the hints of snow had melted away. We came in on the trail located on the southern tip of the pond and we walked counter-clockwise around the perimeter.

Grafton Pond 13
This shot, taken at the southern tip, probably depicts what it looked like before the dam. Just envision a little more greenery.
Grafton Pond 17
There were some very large trees.
Grafton Pond 36
Brent and Penny looking out at what I call the "Battlefield"

I also brought along my Mamiya 645 medium format film camera. Here are a few images scanned from that roll of film.

We also took a closer look at the dam.

If you want to see more images from this excursion to Grafton Pond. Please click here.

Grafton Pond 35

I have taken many images at Grafton Pond over the years, mostly from my kayak. These include the infamous loons and other waterfowl. Please have a look at the collection of my favorites found here.


  • Judy Payne

    Thank you for taking these wonderful photos and sharing them. Grafton Pond is beloved. This helps us see the “before” in a way that makes it a beautiful glimpse at history.

  • GayleDodds

    These pictures are so amazing in their starkness and usually hidden beauty. Thank you for sharing what I never saw when I walked there

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