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Bicknell Brook in a Cold Rain

As the Nor’easter was moving in on Saturday, I decided to venture out to Bicknell Brook along the Collete Trail in Enfield, NH. The temperature was hovering around freezing with rain as I arrived. I brought two umbrellas, one mounted to a tripod and the second one to keep my camera bag dry. I was there for about two hours setting-up at two locations. By the time I left, it was blowing snow, I was wet, and my fingers were numb.

The First Set of Falls Just below the Bridge.
The second Set of Falls.

With the shots being long exposures, there is no visiable rain of snow in the images.

Similar Shot, but in Black and White.
Some Beaver Wood that has Washed Down from the Marshes Upstream.

Winter is Finally Here...

This is What it Looked Like on the Next Day from the Summit of Bog Mountain in Wilmot, NH.


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