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The Forgotten Crash

This weekend’s Covid-19 hike was like a geocaching adventure, except the geocache was a downed airplane from the 1970s. Luckily, I had the coordinates for the crash site, which made it much easier to find. It is approximately a 1.5-mile trek to the site and only about 600 feet off the Appalachian Trail. I could not find much about the crash site except for a brief description on The plane was owned by a courier service named Jim Hankins Air Services. It looks like they went out of business and was started in the 1950s. Maybe, when the libraries are open again, I will look for a newspaper clipping. To get to the site I would take Wolfboro Road from Three-Mile Road and when it crosses the AT, head south on the AT until you get to a sign marking the upcoming Shelter. Now go due east for approximately 650 feet (coordinates: 43.72483, -72.14737).

View of Wolfboro Road about a Half-Mile In.
My Adventure Partners
Crash Site is East of this sign.
Main Section of Wreckage
Old Wood Stove Along the Trail

More photos can be found on my website.

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