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I'm a writer by nature and lately, I've enjoyed writing articles with career and job hunting advice. Another love of mine is prose and creative writing. I hope to explore all aspects of writing and Penrose is my base for all of the above and more. I'm currently working on a novel and would like to make some progress on it after it sitting for 5+ years.

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    A Day at Camp Coniston

    Last weekend, my family and I spent a day at Camp Coniston in Croydon, NH. Usually, the 1200 acre camp on Lake Coniston would be full of young campers spending two weeks out of their fleeting summers learning new activities like archery and horseback — but due to COVID-19, the camp was closed for this season. However, Camp Coniston was generously open for families to safely and responsibly enjoy instead. The day we went was mostly set aside for Lebanon, NH residents. Each family had a personal cabin for changing, and there were many activities available to enjoy; such as paddleboarding, archery, and swimming. I took the opportunity to hike…

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    My Sunflowers Finally Bloomed

    Sunflowers are beautiful flowers known for their ability to grow facing towards the sun, and like most people, I like them. My family and I don’t have green thumbs by any means, but a friend of ours gave us three starter plants. The one we thought was the healthiest died early – my hunch is by a crafty chipmunk stealing the defenseless flower’s petals. The other two are now starting to bloom, attracting the local community of insects. Here are a few images depicting a typical day in the life of a sunflower that I took today. A Yellow Jacket and a Ready to Bloom Sun Flower A Bumble Bee…